Helping Students and Adults develop key skills through our expert approach to Executive Function Coaching.

Executive functions are the basic skills of self-management that allow people to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Connections in Mind are executive function specialists and our coaches work with and support students, adults and teaching professionals to work more effectively, to develop confidence and to encourage sustainable success in educational, professional and daily life.

NEW Online Parenting Course

Our new Connected Minds Parenting online course, run by our very own co-founder and executive function expert, Imogen Moore-Shelley, teaches parents how to develop and support their children’s executive function skills in order for them to flourish in childhood, adolescence and beyond.

Executive Function (EF) skills help us to control effort and behaviour. They enable us to plan and schedule our time, make timely decisions, hold instructions in mind, get going on tasks and keep going when things are challenging. Research shows a clear link between strong EF skills and learning in life, yet we don’t teach children what they are or how to develop them. Weak EF skills can often present as emotional or behavioural challenges.

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When we connect with a group of people with similar values and beliefs, a group of people who want to see us succeed then amazing things can happen. They can become your tribe.

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