Who are Connections in Mind?

Connections in Mind is a family of organisations that is committed to raising awareness of executive function skills and their impact on children’s development and relationships.

The  partnership is made up of Connections in Mind Coaching, Connected Minds Parenting, THE CODE, and the Connections in Mind Foundation.

Our History

Connections in Mind was started in 2016 by Bettina Hohnen, Imogen Moore-Shelley and Victoria Bagnall and pioneered Executive Function coaching in the UK. The organisation grew quickly due to high interest and demand for services. The three Directors saw the need for this approach to understanding learning and behaviour in young people to be embedded in all aspects of a child’s life to really make a difference.

Within 2 years Connections in Mind were coaching children individually to support the development of EF skills, running groups for parents and working with teachers to embed this approach in the curriculum in schools. Due to the increasing size of the organisation and for practical reasons, in September 2018 Connected Minds Parenting and Executive Function Coaching UK were launched as separated organisations which could specialise in the different areas of work.

The Connections in Mind Foundation was also launched which is dedicated to supporting children from all backgrounds to develop strong executive function skills. The foundation works in schools, one to one with young people and carries out research projects in this field. The Connections in Mind Foundation is an independent charity with its own separate government structure which was established to create and deliver effective, evidence-based executive function skill development programmes for children, young people and adults. To find out more about the CiM Foundation please visit the website.

Bettina is no longer involved in the day to day running of the service. Bettina continues to refer clients to us, and still aligned with our philosophy and in addition is a trustee of The Connections in Mind Foundation. She is now concentrating on her writing and her own clinical practice.

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