Executive Function Skills Coaching for Adults

Our coaches take a research-based approach towards helping clients overcome executive function challenges to achieve their short and long term goals through adult coaching. Our clients work with an experienced executive function coach in order to address life challenges and develop strategies to manage their life and begin making effective and meaningful progress.

What are executive functions ?

Challenges with executive functions can impact every part of our professional, family and personal lives. Often mistaken for character flaws executive functions can impact our ability to regulate emotions, organisational our belongings, plan and manage our time, prioritise the important stuff or collaborate with others.

How can coaching help to strengthen Executive Function skills?

The amazing malleable nature of the brain’s neural-pathways means that techniques to overcome executive function challenges can be learnt; and one of the most effective methods of strengthening executive function skills is with the support of an executive function coach.

Our Executive Function Coaching model was developed by educational psychologists in the US and is based on three assumptions:

1. Most people have an array of executive function skills strengths and weaknesses.

2. With the help of a skilled professional, identifying these strengths and weaknesses can form the basis of a personalised strategy plan to overcome weaknesses.

3. By repeatedly practising a new skill with the support of an executive function coach anyone can develop and hone that skill so that it becomes second nature.

Is Executive Function Coaching for me?

Can you relate to any of the following?

●   Struggling to cope with stress?
●   Difficulty in staying on task or keeping focussed?
●   Inability to be organised or complete tasks?
●   Lack motivation?
●   Lose control of your emotions?

“Life was spinning out of control. My anger and unpredictable flareups were crippling my relationship with my husband and children.”


“I couldn’t prioritize and life was erratic. I was unproductive at work and missing deadlines. Distraction was a constant.”

The Coaching Process

We begin by collecting information about your executive function profile through understanding what activities you are finding challenging.

We look deeply into your values and how your commitments are reflected in those values.

This will help to prioritise your commitments and give you space to practice new skills.

Pressure becomes reduced and our Executive Functions work more effectively.

Our work on your coaching plan begins through a process called mental contrasting.

Set SMART goals to work towards and formulate a plan to overcome the barriers in your way.

How does Coaching work?

We want to ensure we spend time getting to know you, where you are and where you want to be. Whilst we follow the coaching process, our programme is bespoke to you.
Our sessions are between 20 minutes to an hour, once or twice a week or every fortnight depending on your schedule and goals. These sessions are a mixture of face to face and online and will review your progress and discuss how strategies are working for you.

Research has proven that it takes at least 6 weeks of effort for a new habit to become embedded so we believe regular sessions are really important.


Find Out More

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You can also book in for a free consultation with one of our experts.