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Executive function disorder 

Many challenges we face in adulthood can be explained as problems with executive function. They are a weakness in your brain’s self-management system, particularly skills that help you:

  • Pay attention
  • Remember things
  • Organise tasks
  • Manage time
  • Think creatively

While people oftentimes seem to develop these skills seamlessly throughout adolescence and young adulthood, many adults struggle to manage themselves effectively. Research has proven that adults with executive function challenges will benefit from 1:1 instruction and support.

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What are executive functions?

Executive functions are a family of important mental processes, housed in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Executive functions allow us to take time to think before acting; resist temptations; approach unanticipated challenges with flexibility;  and stay focused.

Challenges with executive functions can impact every part of our professional, family and personal lives. Often mistaken for character flaws, executive functions can impact our ability to regulate emotions, organise our belongings, plan and manage our time, prioritise the important stuff or collaborate with others.


How executive function coaches can help you:

Our dedicated, executive function coaches work with adults to:

  • Learn and practice methods to cope with stress
  • Learn and apply strategies to stay on task and keep focus
  • Get started on tasks and persist when it gets challenging
  • Develop systems to organise materials and work areas
  • Learn how to break projects into smaller parts
  • Develop self-reflection skills to help take ownership of new habits
  • Gain insight into motivation; use that knowledge to be productive
  • Learn how to advocate for needs in the workplace

Discover the skills you need to be successful

During your free insight session, you’ll chat through your specific challenges with our executive function coaching expert, Sarah, who will then make some recommendations and offer you a choice of coaches to have a chemistry session with.

“I now make decisions that actually reduce the erraticism in my life,

instead of increasing it.


Clare – coaching client, working mother

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