Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass Series: Getting to know your scattered brain

A series of 4 Masterclasses running throughout May - £20 (plus VAT) for 1 Masterclass, £65 (plus VAT) for all 4 Masterclasses

Our Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass Series is for all those who struggle with their scattered brains. Be those ADHD brains, ADD brains or those who know they struggle with their executive functions.

During this 4 Masterclass series, Rachel Breskal, one of Connections in Minds executive function coaches, will take you through the executive function connection to scattered brains, how we can reframe the way the world sees us, diagnosis and medication, how to tell our nearest and dearest, how to identify our strengths and how to use them for our own success and finally how to overcome stumbling blocks when we meet them.

Each Masterclass can be watched in isolation, but we recommend that all 4 Masterclasses are attended to ensure full understanding of the neuroscience and continuity.

£65 (plus VAT) for all 4 Masterclasses

Masterclass 1: The adult scattered Mind – The executive function connection

Tuesday 4th May, 7:30 – 8:45pm (BST)

In the first of this Masterclass Series, Rachel Breskal will look at the neuroscience behind executive functions so we can better learn how to manage our scattered brains. We will look at the everyday challenges that are faced by those who have scattered brains (ADHD ADD or other suspected neurodiverse conditions), learn how to identify which executive function we need to work on and the impact of working on these and how we can reframe, challenge and beat the stereotype of being written off because of our neurodiversity! .

Masterclass 2: Shedding the shame of our scattered brains

Monday 10th May, 7:30 – 8:45pm (BST) 

In the next of this series, Rachel will be looking at the stage you are at, whether you are pre or post diagnosis, or whether you just suspect that you have a neurodiverse profile (EF challenges can look an awful lot like ADHD). We will look at how to best manage the feelings associated with this (the relief, the shame, the guilt), whether medication is the right route for you and if so, things to consider and how to manage your relationships. We will cover how best to tell your family or colleagues, if you decide to tell them at all!

Masterclass 3: What your scattered brain can bring to the party! Acceptance and strengths

Monday 17th May, 7:30 – 8:45pm (BST) 

Embrace your neurodiversity! For every executive function challenge you face you will have your strengths and we want to accept and celebrate these. Your energy, your creativity, your spontaneity, your ability to be inventive and hyperfocused…we will begin to look at how we can accept who we are and build the set of skills you need to harness and benefit from these strengths.

Masterclass 4: Stumbling blocks and how we overcome these

Monday 24th May, 7:30 – 8:45pm (BST) 

Simple everyday tasks like picking up the kids from school or completing a work project on time can become easily complicated for adults with ADHD or scattered brains. Productivity, difficulty in staying focused, losing track of time, procrastinating, interrupting others — these are just a few of the symptoms known we know can add to derailing daily life. The good news: Rachel will talk you through some of the strategies you can use to start overcoming the challenges and how build these into your life.