EF Adventures for Children


What are executive function skills challenges and how do they manifest in children?

Children and young people with executive skills challenges are often bright and able, but just can’t manage their daily lives. These children are often seen as lazy and unmotivated and adults become increasingly frustrated by their apparent difficulty in doing the ‘basic things’ in life. Problems with task initiation, time management, planning and organisation, shifting and task monitoring can have significant impact both academically and behaviourally. The result can be a young person who is isolated from adults around them and achieving well below their potential in school.


How can Executive Function Adventures Help?

Our Executive Function Adventures programme was born out of a desire to create an engaging and fun early intervention programme for children struggling with their executive functions at home and in the classroom.                                        
The programme combines one to one sessions with the child at home with an executive function coach, alongside parent training in how to embed executive function skills development at home. By the end of the programme children and parents will have improved executive function literacy, and practical strategies to use at home to foster improvements in executive function skills. When embedded over the long term children and parents have reported improved relationships at home and heightened self confidence in using executive function skills at home and school.   


What is the content of the course?

Research into development of executive functioning clearly shows that new skills need to be generalised in child’s environment; thus at Connections in Mind we have developed, and tested, a programme which introduces these skills through play and later transfers these skills to real life scenarios – such as packing a bag for school. The programme is most effective with skilled parental support at home, so parents are asked, as part of the programme, to participate in our Connected Minds Parenting       

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