Closing your brain tabs: 5 Simple hacks to minimise overwhelm

Ever feel like your brain has too many tabs open?

You’re working through your work emails, but in the back of your mind there are constantly thoughts swirling around…

“Where are we meeting for the lunch hour presentation again? Oh that reminds me – what ingredients must I buy for dinner? I wish the leaf blower outside wasn’t so loud! Oh, and mum’s birthday is Saturday so I need to find her a gift. But when can I find the time because – oh no, I’m late for my presentation!”

Trying to stay present in a world full of distractions can feel impossible.

I used to struggle so much to stay focussed on the task in front of me.

How could I decide on a single project when I had multiple deadlines for the same week and my email inbox pinged every few minutes?

In trying to ‘multitask’ and address all my to-do’s at once, I wound up overwhelmed, frozen, and getting nothing done.

Through a combination of coaching and trial-and-error, I’ve discovered five hacks that stop me from adding additional tabs to my brain’s browser.

1. Take on a triage mindset: If you don’t know where to start with your to-do’s, divide them into three groups: the Do It’s for important and time-sensitive tasks, the Schedule It’s, for important tasks that aren’t urgent, and the Delegate It’s for tasks that are urgent but not important.
2. Keep your tasks in one place: When a thought pops into your head you don’t want to forget, instead of opening a new brain tab, use a tool like Remember The Milk to jot it down.


3. Limit distractions: Put your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’, and play white noise through your noise-cancelling headphones.


4. Use time-blocking tools: Tools like Clockify help you avoid time blindness. This is a great way to learn how long it takes you to complete specific tasks, making it easier to work backwards from your deadlines.


5. Work with an Executive Function Coach: This was the biggest game-changer for me for so many reasons. I finally had a safe space where a professional understood what I was going through with my executive function challenges. She worked alongside me to develop strategies to close all those extra tabs, and implement healthy habits. Have more questions? Get them answered at our upcoming free webinar…


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