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What are EF skills and how do they manifest in children?

Executive Function (EF) skills are what we use to control effort and behaviour. They enable us to plan and schedule our time, make timely decisions, hold instructions in mind, get going on tasks and keep going when things are challenging. Research shows a clear link between strong EF skills and learning in life, yet we don’t teach children what they are or how to develop them. A lack of EF skills can often present as emotional or behavioural challenges.

Find Out Your Child’s EF Profile

What is the Connected Minds Parent Course?


Our parent course teaches you everything you need to know to help your child develop strong executive functions at home. We combine recent findings from psychology, neuroscience and attachment-based parenting theories to create an easy-to-implement approach which can strengthen relationships within your family.


course will be run by a psychologist & executive function coach specialist. The six seminars use a combination of presentations, videos and small-group discussions.

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Key areas include:

Using the latest neuroscientific research, our self-study online course consists of six, one hour sessions that cover:

  • Brain development and neuroscience: Understand your child’s brain
  • EFs through the ages: What are they and how can they be improved?
  • Training EFs in your child: Communicating with your child for real change
  • Emotions, yours and theirs: How do they get in the way?
  • Parenting pitfalls: Why does it often go so wrong?
  • Making it work in the long term: Resilience and long-term change

Who will be facilitating?

Imogen Moore-Shelley

Imogen is one of the founders and directors of Connections in Mind, having joined forces with Dr Bettina Hohen and Victoria Bagnall many years ago to bring to life their passion for spreading awareness and support for executive functioning skills.

Her career spans working as a youth worker, psychologist, executive function coach, parent support coach, and community organiser and she is currently working for a local authority.

She has developed particular expertise in working with neurodiverse children, developing community-led parenting and early years interventions and projects, and carrying out research in schools.

Imogen believes that supporting parents to leverage their understanding of executive functions helps them to connect with their children on a deeper level.

Imogen is mum to 2 gorgeous toddlers, which keep her hands full, but she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Lisa Christie

Lisa has a Masters in Psychology from the University of Liverpool, specialising in motivation and perseverance.

She has coaching accreditations through Animas, the Association for Coaching, and the Chartered Management Institute.

Besides her sporting, business & career coaching, Lisa thrives on supporting parents in her parenting coaching, with an aim to enhance confidence and connection.

Parent to 3 of her own children, she is passionate to help other parents to find their parenting mojo!

The new online self-study course only: £162 (incl. VAT)

Connected Minds Online Parenting Course