The Forum For the Future of Education

The Forum For the Future of Education

I have had very few opportunities in life to talk openly and passionately about that which is important to me.

As much as we are all entitled to speak our minds, very rarely are we given the platform to do so in front of an audience who will genuinely listen to our whims, and suggestions.

In this remarkable instance, I not only have a platform to express myself, but also the extraordinary luck to offer the same privilege to you.

We are hosting an online event, dedicated to discussing the current state of education in the United Kingdom, and plotting out what the future of our schools may look like.

The forum is a chance for everyone to step out of the shadows, and be listened to. This is not some stuffy boardroom soiree, where bureaucrats can speak over the friendless, and then pat themselves on the back for achieving absolutely nothing.

This is an event for those who want to build real, tangible change.

Whilst I have been fortunate enough to lead a safe and pleasant life, surrounded by a compassionate community of loved ones, I have never had the freedom to stand before the powers that be, and have my demands taken seriously.

The Forum for the Future of Education offers you precisely that privilege.

Students and educators often go ignored in conversations which directly impact their lives, and their futures.

We can look around the world, see the indisputable improvements to schooling which have been made by Scandinavia, and then quietly stew in frustration, as these innovations are ignored, and politicians instead double down on a broken, harmful education system.

Shakespeare once said that “all the world’s a stage”. If that is true, then the forum is a gleaming spotlight, shining down upon each of us, and allowing us to be truly, and unconditionally noticed.

How often in this life do we get the chance to be genuinely heard, and listened to? Without pleasantries or platitudes, this event is one of those rare, fleeting moments.

Change – IS – possible, but it is not guaranteed. If we want the future to be brighter than our present, then we need to take action, and we need to do it – NOW -.

Our children deserve better than what the world is offering. They deserve more than propaganda, fake news, and suffering. These next few years will shape the fate of humankind, and that journey starts at school.

How much more could we achieve, if we weren’t hampered by traumatic memories, mental struggles, and repressed anxiety?

The more that we learn about the mysteries of the human mind, the more we come to understand how crucial our formative years are, and how significantly they shape the people we become.

What if we had been nurtured and encouraged, instead of bullied and belittled?

What if we had been helped to love, and to support each other?

What if the education system had nurtured us, and sought to create happy, complete people, not fuel for a cold, loveless machine, that only exists to spew out money, at the cost of our happiness?

We have the power to make sure that our world is kind, and decent. We have the power to expunge needless unhappiness. We have the power to build a better future for those that come after us.

Chances like these don’t come along often. Please don’t ignore this magical opportunity. Let your voice be heard.

By Melody Hill-Fisher, Connections in Mind

Lily Hewitt-Jones
Lily Hewitt-Jones