A Brain Breakthrough Masterclass: Using Executive Functions to Develop Healthy Daily Habits

How to embed executive function habits into your daily lives.

Monday 18th October 2021, 7:30 - 8:45pm GMT

£20 plus VAT

Be more organised

Make positive decisions

Be more productive

Happier home life

Embed daily habits

Understand your barriers

Having healthy executive function daily habits doesn’t have to be rocket science - but there is a formula that will be unique to you.

In this Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass, Rachel Breskal one of our Executive Function coaches, will share simple, yet incredibly effective strategies and techniques of how we can embed our existing executive function knowledge into our daily lives. By doing so we can manage our time more effectively, become more productive, be more organised or form and hold better relationships.

Price: £20 + VAT

Monday 18th October 7.30- 8:45pm (GMT)

The masterclass will be led by Rachel Breskal, one of our amazing executive function coaches.

What will you learn?

Rachel will talk you through proven executive function strategies which will work to improve your executive functioning within your daily lives.

However, we know that learning about the strategies needed to support our EF’s isn’t quite enough. Repetition, accountability and understanding why it currently isn’t working for you is key. Rachel will walk you through how you can become aware of your existing circumstances and the methods you need to embed your new learning to become habit forming.

The Brain Breakthrough Masterclass will consist of a 1 hour interactive presentation followed by 15 mins of questions. You will leave with key understandings of effective methods to embed executive function boosting strategies within your lives.

What is your executive function profile? 

To ensure we can tailor the masterclass to the strengths and challenges of the group, we ask that you complete our executive function profiling questionnaire. Once you have completed the questionnaire you will then be able to download  a bespoke report with your strengths, what you can work on and how!