Meet our Team

Imogen Moore, MA (Lond), MEd (Camb).

Imogen Moore has been working in the field of psychology and education over the last decade and has been coaching children and young adults for three years.  She has developed particular expertise in working with children with autism, ADHD and OCD, and developing parenting and early years interventions and projects.

She has trained as an ABA therapist with children with autism in Switzerland, possesses a BA in Social Anthropology from SOAS, and has a Masters in Psychology and Education at the University of Cambridge. She is currently doing a PhD at the University of Cambridge exploring the effectiveness of  interventions for students that aim to strengthen executive functioning skills.

Imogen completed a Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship in 2014, focusing on how the UK could learn from projects in the US and Brazil that have improved childrens’ educational and health outcomes. Together with her co-authors her article about supporting maternal well being and childrens’ developmental outcomes was published in the Journal of Public Health in 2010.

Imogen is excited to be pioneering coaching for children with executive skills challenges and later hopes to explore how children from disadvantaged backgrounds can benefit from the experience and expertise of the Connections in Mind team.

Victoria Bagnall, MA (Cantab), PGCE.

Victoria has first-hand experience of how executive function challenges can impact children’s lives; if only coaching had been available when she and her brothers were growing up, who knows the different paths their lives would have taken.

Victoria studied Geography at the University of Cambridge. During her time at Cambridge she applied Edward Said’s theory of Orientalism to her own experience of prejudice against different thinkers and wrote her dissertation “Thinking Styles: Dyslexics as the misunderstood other”.

After university she decided to give academics a break for a few years and began work in the food industry, later she set up a chain of award winning delicatessens in North London. She reignited her passion for teaching and helping students improve themselves when she volunteered to teach adult ladies English in Uganda in 2008.

Victoria is a qualified teacher who left teaching to work as a private tutor with children with SENs. Victoria’s clients found that her personal experience and empathetic approach helped rebuild confidence lost through difficult school experiences. Victoria’s commitment to her students has always been second to none.

When first introduced to coaching Victoria was so convinced her students could benefit from the approach she jumped on the first plane to the USA to attend one of Peg Dawson’s training seminars. Later that year she organised the very first coach training seminar in London, lead by Peg Dawson. It was at this training that she met Imogen and later Bettina, and they soon realised that they shared a unique commitment to helping children succeed. It was not long before they agreed to bring the Smart But Scattered coaching model to the UK through their company Connections in Mind.