Webinar Programme

Connections in Mind’s complimentary webinars about executive functions bring experts in the field of executive function, neuroscience and coaching to you, wherever you are. Our webinar series looks at executive functions in more detail and gives you practical strategies and guidance on how engaging and improving your EF’s in the home and professional environment can help you to excel and flourish.

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The power of positive

Wednesday 4th November, 8pm

About this webinar: Join our co-founder, Victoria Bagnall, when she will be discussing why the development of skills such as positivity, optimism and emotional regulation are essential during adult life.

This webinar will cover:

  • The role of executive functions in feeling positive and confident
  • What is a growth mindset and why it is key to positivity
  • Practical tips to help you overcome personal and professional challenges and increase intrinsic motivation

Who is this webinar aimed at? Adults

Cost: Complimentary

Feedback from our webinar attendees:

“I loved Victoria’s heartfelt, personable presentation style and her knowledge and passion for the subject was clear to see.” 

“This was the best webinar I’ve participated in, in a long time. I particularly enjoyed the part where Victoria reflected on her own childhood experiences in education, which resonated a lot with me and my own personal challenges relating to disability.”

Webinar Attendees, 23rd of September 2020

ADHD & Procrastination

Wednesday 18th November, 8pm

About this webinar: We know from research that there is a clear link between procrastination, ADHD and challenges with executive functioning. In this webinar with  Phil Anderton and Lisa Mangle from ADHD 360, you will learn about the relationship between ADHD and procrastination, and how you can implement strategies to regain control.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why working on your executive functions is key to overcoming procrastination
  • Identifying your triggers for procrastination
  • Strategies you can use to help you get started on tasks sooner and sustain your focus (e.g. blocking out distractions to increasing your productivity).

Who is this webinar aimed at? Adults with ADHD

Cost: Complimentary

Feedback from attendees in our webinars with ADHD 360:

“The passion of the presenters and the compassion they showed when talking about executive function and ADHD was moving. It’s a wonderful change to see professionals who care so deeply and it motivated me to keep trying to improve myself and have more patience.” 

Webinar attendee, 30th September 2020

The link between nutrition and executive functions

Wednesday 13th January, 8pm

About this webinar: During this hour long webinar with Victoria, Co Founder of Connections in Mind and Rebecca Wells, Nutritionist, we will be discussing how food choices impact neural pathways within the brain/brain function and therefore aid in developing stronger executive functions, with a focus on those children and adults who have ADHD.

In particular we will be finding out which key macro and micronutrients are involved in the production and synthesis of neurotransmitters, brain function, executive function, moods, emotional regulation and other ADHD symptoms.

Who is this webinar aimed at? Parents of children and adults who are affected by ADHD

Cost: Complimentary

Feedback from our webinar attendees:

“What a wonderful webinar. I was new to executive functions but this webinar has made things make complete sense to me and the challenges I face in my daily life. I will definitely be singing up to  one of Connections in Minds other webinars“.

Webinar Attendee, 30th of September 2020

Sleep loss, executive functioning and decision-making

Wednesday 27th January 2021, 8pm

About this webinar: Decision-making is an essential skill for academic and social growth at school, for professional growth at work and for general wellbeing. It is also necessary for achieving goals, task planning, initiation and completion.

Did know that 30% of the general population and 75% of adults and children with ADHD have problems with sleep? We know from research that a lack of sleep can have devastating effects on our executive functioning such as planning and prioritisation, cognitive flexibility and working memory which are key processes needed to make decisions! 

This webinar will cover:

  • How do executive functions support our decision-making behaviours
  • The impact of sleep loss on our executive functioning 
  • Behavioural and environmental strategies to improve sleep
  • Available support

Who is this webinar aimed at? Parents and adults

Cost: Complimentary

Feedback from our webinar attendees:

“I regularly attend your webinars and walk away feeling more confident that I can overcome my challenges. I know that I can always find other support and motivating posts on your Facebook support groups…..Your webinars are simply brilliant.” 

Webinar attendee, 23rd September 2020