Webinar Programme

Connections in Mind’s complimentary webinars about executive functions bring experts in the field of executive function, neuroscience and coaching to you, wherever you are. Our webinar series looks at executive functions in more detail and gives you practical strategies and guidance on how engaging and improving your EF’s in the home and professional environment can help you to excel and flourish.

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ADHD Extended: Help those in your life understand ADHD and executive functions

Thursday 22nd April 2021, 8pm (BST) 3pm (EST)

About this webinar: As if juggling ADHD isn’t tough enough, it hurts when other people weigh in with their negative opinions. In this webinar with ADHD-360 we will be focusing on you can help those in your life understand ADHD so that you can build strong relationships with family, friends and partners.

Through communication and education, we will be discussing how many problems can be resolved if those who are close to you know the facts about ADHD and understand the neuroscience. To support you on this journey, we will share some of the best resources for managing this process…so make sure you sign up!

Who is this webinar aimed at? Parents and adults

Cost: Complimentary

“The passion of the presenters and the compassion they showed when talking about executive function and ADHD was moving. It’s a wonderful change to see professionals who care so deeply and it motivated me to keep trying to improve myself and have more patience with my pre-teen.”

Webinar attendees, 8th September, 2020


Summer 2021: Getting students back on track post COVID

Wednesday 5th May 2021, 8pm (BST) 3pm (EST)

About this webinar: Join Paula Barrett of The CODE education and Victoria Bagnall of Connections in Mind as they discuss ways in which students can use this summer to their best advantage after a turbulent year in education.

Topics touched upon will include courses and support available, common struggles you may notice in your child and techniques that those with executive function challenges can use to ensure that they get ahead prior to the new academic year.

Who is this webinar aimed at? Parents and students

Cost: Complimentary

“It was very helpful to gain more knowledge and understand EF to help grandson. A brilliant webinar, thank you”

Webinar attendees, 30th September, 2020


The effect of trauma on executive functions

Wednesday 19th May 2021, 8pm (BST) 3pm (EST)

About this webinar: Trauma has a direct effect on disrupting our executive functions skills yet we need strong executive functions skills to help us to succeed in life and also support the development of the our children.

We know from research that exposure to serious adversity or prolonged trauma will result in higher levels of stress, difficulties with self-regulation and control and increases our risk of stress-related and mood disorders. Join Dr Lucy Arnsby-Wilson, Clinical Psychologist and Victoria Bagnall, Co Founder of Connections in Mind during this hour long webinar where they will discuss the effects of trauma and executive functioning and how to put the support and strategies in place to scaffold dealing with the effects of trauma.

Who is this webinar aimed at? Adults, Parents and Educational Professionals

Cost: Complimentary

“Excellent presentation , highly professional and knowledgeable about the topic. Mrs Bagnall made the webinar interactive with participants live emotional comments & connections”

Webinar attendees, 2nd December, 2020


Executive functions and Dyslexia: What's the link?

Wednesday 9th June 2021, 8pm (BST) 3pm (EST)

About this webinar:

Victoria will be discussing the link between dyslexia and challenges with executive function skills. Drawing on her own experience, Victoria will also discuss the emotional impact of being dyslexic as she grew up and will share advice and tips for individuals and parents.

What will this webinar cover: 

– What are executive functions

– The neuroscience behind executive functions and learning

– What does the research say about dyslexia and executive functions

– Behaviours that can stem from the emotional impact of being dyslexic


Who is this webinar aimed at? Parents, adults and educational professionals

Cost: Complimentary


“I loved that Victoria began sharing her own challenges, that makes the whole talk more relevant. I like the fact that it was short but clear and practical.”

Webinar attendees, 4th November, 2020


Why executive functions are the key to supporting self-regulated learning in the classroom

Wednesday 16th June 2021, 8pm (BST) 3pm (EST)

About this webinar:

In this special webinar, Victoria Bagnall will be discussing the role of executive functions in supporting self-regulated learning in the classroom. As educational professionals, we play a key part in providing a supportive environment for executive function development.

We know from research that executive functions and self-regulating behaviours are essential for school success, are predictive of maths and reading competence, and in driving positive student-teacher relationships (Diamond, 2013; Diamond & Lind, 2016).

What will this webinar cover: 

– What are executive functions

– What do executive function challenges look like in the classroom

– How you can support your student’s executive function development

– How to providing opportunities for self-regulated learning 

Who is this webinar aimed at?  Education professionals 

Cost: £10 + VAT

“The passion and knowledge that the presenters was second to none. Informative yet friendly.”

Webinar attendees, 10th March 2021


Is your working memory working? Key strategies adults need for success.

Wednesday 23rd June 2021, 8pm (BST) 3pm (EST)

About this webinar:

Losing your keys, leaving your wallet on top of the car and driving off (we have all been there), forgetting your partners birthday, or having to ask work colleagues to repeat instructions. These can be daily occurrences for those of us who struggle with our working memory – which is one of core executive functions skills!

In this very special webinar you will not only walk away with strategies to improve your working memory, but we will provide you with guidance on implementing and maintaining these strategies in your daily life. We know from research that this can be the hardest part! 


Who is this webinar aimed at? Parents, adults and educational professionals

Cost: £10 +VAT 


“Delivery was very personable, content was a good blend of research and own experience / advice”

Webinar attendees, 14th October, 2020


Parenting children with ADHD challenges

Thursday 8th July 2021, 8pm (BST) 3pm (EST)

About this webinar:

Parenting children or teens with ADHD can be an extremely rewarding experience; their boundless energy, personalities and the drive of their hyper focus which be a powerful advantage if channelled in an effective way.

However we also recognise that parenting children or teens with ADHD can be really challenging at times. That’s why we are back with our good friends, Phil Anderton and Lisa Mangle from ADHD-360 who are experts in the assessment and treatment of ADHD.

What will this webinar cover?

– Behavioural challenges associated with ADHD

– The link between executive functions and ADHD

– Support executive function development to reduce behaviour challenges

– Other support that is available to you (medical and non-medical)


Who is this webinar aimed at? Parents with children or teens with ADHD, education professionals

Cost: Complimentary


“Very good talk on executive functions and very useful practical tips”

Webinar attendees, 10th March, 2021