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Connections in Mind’s complimentary webinars about executive functions bring experts in the field of executive function, neuroscience and coaching to you, wherever you are. Our webinar series looks at executive functions in more detail and gives you practical strategies and guidance on how engaging and improving your EF’s in the home and professional environment can help you to excel and flourish.

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Accepting yourself and embracing your EF challenges

Wednesday 26th January 2021, 8pm (BST) 3pm (EST)

About this webinar:

Living with executive function challenges can be frustrating and can often reduce confidence in all aspects of life. Join Victoria Bagnall in this webinar which will focus on the role of executive functions in everyday life and how you can use positive thinking and a growth mindset to help you accept and embrace your challenges.

Who is this webinar aimed at? Adults, Parents & Educational Professionals

Cost: Free


Positive and affirming, thank you!

Webinar attendees, 19th May, 2021