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Connections in Mind’s complimentary webinars about executive functions bring experts in the field of executive function, neuroscience and coaching to you, wherever you are. Our webinar series looks at executive functions in more detail and gives you practical strategies and guidance on how engaging and improving your EF’s in the home and professional environment can help you to excel and flourish.

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ADHD and executive functions: What's the link?

Wednesday 10th November 2021, 8pm (BST) 3pm (EST)

About this webinar:

Did you know that challenges with executive functions underpin many of the official symptoms of ADHD? For example, trouble staying focused, acting impulsively, loosing control of our emotions…sound familiar?

In this very special webinar, we are back with our good friends at ADHD-360, Lisa Mangle and Phil Anderton, who are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD where we will be taking things back to basics and discussing the links between ADHD and executive function challenges.

We will also discuss some of the medical and non-medical support you can receive to support yourself, or even your child, through their executive function challenges.

Early registration is hugely recommended!

Who is this webinar aimed at? Adults, Parents & Educational Professionals 

Cost: Complimentary 


We really liked each of the presenters, their clear values base and passion for support individuals with ADHD. The examples given were very useful and we learnt some new resources.

Webinar attendees, 24th March, 2021


How to boost your child's academic performance by harnessing the power of their brain

Thursday 18th November 2021, 8pm (BST) 3pm (EST)

About this webinar:

How our children perform academically at school will determine their opportunities when considering further and higher education, work placements and available career paths. Understanding how to harness the power of your child’s brain so that they can flourish is everything that we work towards as a parent.

Executive functions are the key cognitive processes in our brains that underpin every task that we do. From being on time, to avoiding distractions and staying motivated, our executive functions control all of these tasks required for good academic progress and overall performance. Join Victoria Bagnall, Co-founder of Connections in Mind, in this very special webinar which will cover:

– What are executive functions

– What is the relationship between academic performance and executive functions?

– As a parent, how you can support strong executive function development

– How to approach your child’s teacher about executive functions in the classroom

Who is this webinar aimed at? Parents and Educational Professionals

Cost: Complimentary 


“Helps with continuing to join the dots – and see the missed opportunities

Webinar attendees, 24th March, 2021


What motivates me and how can I use this to my advantage?

Wednesday 8th December 2021, 8pm (BST) 3pm (EST)

About this webinar:

Understanding your underlying motivations can have a bigger impact on your life than you think. When you understand what motivates you and what you values are, this can help you make decisions, propel you forward in both your work and personal life.

In this very special webinar, Victoria Bagnall will talk to you through how to identify your internal motivators and how to use this to your advantage. Walk away with strategies that can help you live a more content and joyful life, as well as learn the neuroscience behind getting and staying motivated.

Who is this webinar aimed at? Adults, Parents & Educational Professionals

Cost: £10 +VAT 


Positive and affirming, thank you!

Webinar attendees, 19th May, 2021