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At Connections in Mind we are committed to helping as many people as we can to flourish despite their executive function challenges. Our webinar and masterclass programmes offer insights and strategies for people from all walks of life. 


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Executive functions underly nearly all challenges we face as people living in a hectic modern world. Our webinar and masterclass programs focus in on different areas of executive function development; from parenting, to education, managing people in the work place and professional mental health care, there is something for every interest. We thrive on providing relevant, topical and scientifically evidenced support which people find engaging, insightful and relevant.

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Executive function is the management system of the brain. The skills involved to set goals, plan, and get things done are not as simple as society would lead us to believe. A large proportion of people have real struggles in these areas, which can in-turn lead to poor mental health, low self, esteem and challenges forming relationships and developing a career.

Executive function skills are essential skills that we all need to flourish in life. Our webinar and masterclass programmes provide easy to access insights and strategies to help people from all walks of life to improve their executive functions or those of people they care for. 


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Free executive function profiling for you and the people you care for

Our mission is to raise awareness about executive functions. Which is why we have developed a series of questionnaires to help individuals, professionals and parents understand their executive function profile, or the profile of someone in their care. This is a free service we currently offer as part of our mission and our investment in serving people from all walks of life.

Free profiler for individuals with general executive function challenges.

Free profiler for professionals with workplace executive function challenges.

Free profiler for professionals or parents about children in their care.

“Thank you so much for your webinar last night. I was in tears for most of it, I haven’t felt so heard in … forever.  I have  just signed up for the rest of series!


Catherine – Webinar Attendee, Woman living with ADHD.