Brain Breakthroughs: A Masterclass Series

Our new Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass series is for adults who are looking for more than just a webinar on executive functions but aren't quite ready for one to one coaching. During our Masterclass series we will look at our brains, executive functions and learn strategies to improve our personal and professional lives in relevant situations.

Pay what you can Masterclasses

Optional group coaching sessions

Practical solutions

Supportive Community

Budget friendly

Each online Masterclass lasting an hour and a half will look at a different topic each time with Rachel Breskal, our experienced executive function coach. Rachel will take you through each topic and the relevant executive functions. She will guide you through setting some goals and touch on the skills and strategies you might need to realise success. 

For those looking for a bit more, you have the option of our Booster Option, where, following the Masterclass, you can take part in 2 group coaching sessions and have the accountability we know is so important in achieving success through an Accountability WhatsApp group with Rachel. 

Upcoming Masterclass

Brain Breakthroughs: A Masterclass in Managing the Overwhelm at Christmas

Monday 30th November, 8pm – 9:30pm

Even with the worldwide restrictions we are all following due to Coronavirus, we all know the Christmas season will still be a busy one.

The holidays should be a time of relaxation to spend with our loved ones, but there is always so much to do from buying gifts, wrapping and posting them, ensuring you have the food to create your Christmas dinner and decorating the house…to name a few! With so much to do and plan its essential that we rely on our pre frontal cortex to help plan and execute the Christmas season and manage the anxiety and overwhelm that so many of feel during this time of year.

During the Masterclass with Rachel, you will cover:

  • Executive functions – What they are and how they can help you over the Christmas season
  • Goal setting – Understanding what you would like to achieve over the coming weeks
  • Stress triggers – Looking at what causes you the most stress and how to manage these and your emotions
  • Your toolbox – Strategies to combat holiday overwhelm and get things done”
  • Mindful practice – To help us relax and apply what we have learned

How to sign up

We want as many people as possible to have access to our knowledge and guidance on executive functions and understand that everyone’s personal circumstances are unique, so we are offering a Pay What You Can system. Through this we ask that you pay what you can, or feel is appropriate, to attend the Masterclasses. As a guide, our recommendation is £10. 

Option 1

Brain Breakthrough: A Masterclass in Managing the Christmas Overwhelm.

Monday 30th November 2020 at 8pm

Cost: Pay What You Can*

Option 2

Brain Breakthrough: A Masterclass in Managing the Christmas Overwhelm.

Monday 30th November 2020 at 8pm


2 x virtual, interactive group coaching sessions with an Executive Function Coach.

Accountability WhatsApp group to keep you on track. 

Group sessions are on Monday 7th and 14th of December @ 8pm.

Cost: £50 (inclusive of Masterclass and VAT)

Our Booster Option

During the extra 2 group coaching sessions you will get group access to Rachel Breskal, one of our qualified and experienced executive function coaches. Rachel will guide you through the proven neuroscience-based strategies that will help you to live more successful and effortless lives. Each session is a great opportunity to share your experiences, ask questions and receive guidance around what is arising for you personally.


“The Masterclasses create a positive space for us all to come and mastermind, collaborate, get support, and feel empowered with all things executive functions. The focus is using executive functions in all aspects of life; personal, professional, and all that’s in between.

The follow up group coaching give a chance for authentic conversation, uplifting material, relevant resources, challenges, and other useful bits to keep me motivated, inspired, and well-equipped for success.”

Masterclass Participant

By participating in the Masterclasses, you will...

  • Define a clear and measurable goals within the Masterclass theme and outline action steps for success.
  • Gain insight and feedback on executive functions and the benefits of a growth mindset.
  • Have space to both receive and share wisdom from like-minded participants working on similar executive function goals.
  • Learn tools and exercises related to the executive functions that you can use again and again in your own life.