Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass - Using your Executive Functions to help plan for Christmas and avoid the overwhelm

Monday 15th November 2021, 7:30-8:45pm (BST)

£20 plus VAT

The Christmas holiday period should be a time of relaxation to spend with our loved ones. But there is always so much to do from buying gifts, wrapping and posting them, ensuring you have the food to create your Christmas dinner and decorating the house…to name a few!

With so much to do and plan it is essential that we rely on our pre frontal cortex and our executive functions to help us plan and execute the Christmas season and, as a result, manage the anxiety and overwhelm that so many of feel during this time of year. By doing so, we can focus on relaxing ad enjoying this special time of year with our friends and family.

Price: £20 + VAT

Monday 15th November 2021 7:30- 8:45pm (BST)

The masterclass will be led by Rachel Breskal, CiM Executive Function Coach 

What will you learn?

Listen and learn from Rachel about:

  • Executive functions – What they are and how they can help you over the Christmas season
  • Goal setting – Understanding what you would like to achieve over the coming weeks
  • Planning tools – The best and most effective tools to use when planning during this busy time
  • Stress triggers – Looking at what causes you the most stress and how to manage these and your emotions
  • Your toolbox – Strategies to combat holiday overwhelm and get things done”
  • Mindful practice – To help us relax and apply what we have learned