Creating a neurodiverse friendly classroom - what can education professionals do to support their learners?

Monday 4th October 2021, 4:00-5:30pm (BST)

£20 plus VAT

Are your students always...

Late to class?

Speaking out?

Missing deadlines?


Struggling to

Having trouble planning/

As education providers we can easily recognise those children who have challenges with their executive functions; incomplete homework, late to classes and disorganised projects.

With an increased awareness among educational professionals around neurodiverse conditions such as ADHD and dyslexia, we know that there are young students with neurodiverse conditions in every single classroom around the world. With this awareness, one of the most common questions we get asked by schools that we work with is: How can I make my classroom friendly for neurodiverse learners?


In this masterclass, Victoria Bagnall will share proven and practical ways to transform your classroom and school into neurodiverse friendly environments. Victoria is a trained teacher, has dyslexia herself and is a key figure at the forefront of leading the reform of the education system.


Price: £20 + VAT

Monday 4th October 4:00- 5:30pm (BST)

The masterclass will be led by Victoria Bagnall, CiM’s Co-Founder. 

What will you learn?

Listen and learn from Victoria about:

  1. What are executive functions and how they impact neurodiverse children and adolescents 
  2. The importance of executive function language and how it can help neurodiverse children
  3. How to assist students in identifying their own individual executive function strengths and challenges 
  4. Teaching practices that are neurodiversity inclusive
  5. How to design an executive function friendly classroom