A Brain Breakthrough Masterclass for Teenagers

Increase your focus and maximise your productivity

Academic Stress

Anxiety Reduction

Social Connections

Strengths and talents

Positive Decisions

Focus and Control

We know that with online learning and spending so much time away from peers, it is more challenging than ever for our teens to stay focused, get motivated and complete schoolwork on time. But help is on hand!

Our Brain Breakthrough Masterclass for Teenagers will help your teen learn practical and proven strategies to improve their focus and increase their productivity with a focus on schoolwork completion. 

Your teen will also learn about executive functions, how they impact their learning and practical strategies to work towards their personal self development goals.


Please only apply if you teen is based in the UK and currently studying at KS4 (GCSE) or KS5 (A-level) level. This masterclass is for teenagers only. Parents do not need to attend.

Price: £10 + VAT

Wednesday 24th February 5:30-7pm (GMT)

The masterclass will be led by Matt Rossler, one of our amazing executive function coaches who has 12 years of experience working with teens.

What is your teens executive function profile? 

To ensure we can tailor the masterclass to the strengths and challenges of the group, please ask your teen to complete our executive function profiling questionnaire. Your teen will then be able to download  a bespoke report with their strengths, what they can work on and how!

What will the masterclass cover?

  • The basic neuroscience behind focus and why we get distracted
  • Practical and proven strategies to sustain their attention
  • Technology use – the benefits and issues
  • The truth about being productive and getting distracted


All of this within 1.5 hours! Your teen will also meet other likeminded individuals who share similar challenges. We know from research that this can help confidence and social connection with peers.


What are the options?

Option 1:

Your teen attends the Brain Breakthrough Masterclass for Teenagers and decides that they do not want to sign up to the 6-week Flourish and Grow group coaching course with Matt*. 


Option 2:

Your teen attends the Brain Breakthrough Masterclass for Teenagers and decides that they are interested in signing up to the 6-week Flourish from Within group coaching course with Matt. 


*Even if your teen is not interested in the group coaching course they are still welcome to attend the masterclass.

Option 2: Support after the Masterclass

Flourish from Within 

The learning and support doesn’t have to stop at the end of the masterclass. That’s why we developed Flourish from Within: a 6-week teen group coaching course led by Matt Rossler. The course consists of 6 x 1 hour weekly group coaching sessions and brings together up to 6 teenagers who have been matched based on their strengths, challenges, personality and motivation.
This course offers structure, accountability and uses a goal-focused approach to help them develop strategies to support schoolwork completion. 

Please note that this course will run for 6 consecutive weeks starting on Wednesday 10th March at 5:30pm. This course will run through the Easter holidays. Day and time is fixed.


Your teen must attend the masterclass and complete the EF questionnaire to be considered for the 6-week group coaching course.

What does the course cover?

How much does the course cost?

Each session is priced at £32.50 + VAT. The full course is £195 + VAT.  A deposit of £50 + VAT is required upfront. This is followed by 2 equal monthly payments for the remaining amount.  Places are very limited – all teens who attend the masterclass will be given the opportunity to book a space.


When does the course start?

The course will begin on Wednesday the 10th of March. Group coaching sessions are 1 hour and will run on Wednesdays at 5:30pm for 6 consecutive weeks. This course will run through the UK Easter holidays. The day and time is fixed.

What will your teen learn?

  • Increased self-awareness and confidence
  • Basic understanding of brain development, neuroplasticity and executive functions
  • Understand that with repetition and persistence it is possible to overcome their challenges
  • The ability to understand and implement executive function strategies to support schoolwork completion  Understand neurodiversity – its benefits and prevalence
  • Build friendships and know that they are not alone on their journey
  • Feel validated that their challenges are real, but that they can overcome these challenges!

How to apply for the Flourish from Within course


1. Complete the EF profiling questionnaire: Your teen completes our executive function profiling questionnaire and gets bespoke report with their strengths, what they can work on and how.  Click here to complete the questionnaire.


2. Attend the masterclass: Sign up for the masterclass here.


3. Getting to know your teen: Following the masterclass, your teen will be invited to have a 10 minute chat with Becky, a member of our Research and Marketing team. Your chat with Becky will take place either on Friday the 26th of February or Monday the 1st of March at a time of your choice.


4. Invitation to book the course: If your teen is successful, then you will be invited to book your teens place on the course with Matt by putting down a £50 + VAT deposit.


The course begins on Wednesday the 10th of March at 5:30pm.  Please note that you will not be able to book the course until after the masterclass.