Episode 2: Dr Bettina Hohnen – Clinical Neuropsychologist

In this episode we interview Dr Bettina Hohnen, a clinical psychologist and one of the original co-founders of Connections in Mind. Bettina specialises the area of neuropsychology which considers the relationship between brain and behaviour. In our wide ranging conversation we discuss Bettina’s career, the origins of Connections in Mind and why it has been so important for Bettina to integrate support for parents to better understand executive functions, attachment theory how they can support their children to develop these skills. We also explore how we have tried to achieve this with the Connected Minds Parenting Course. We also consider how developments in how we understand children’s brains should influence parenting and education and Bettina gives us a taster of what we can expect in her upcoming book about the adolescent brain.

Episode 1: Laurie Faith – Teacher and creator of Activated Learning

Project Flourish believes that every child should be able to flourish. Each podcast will have a guest from the psychology or education field and they will shine some light on the projects which will help every child flourish!